Posted by: News Works Marketing | May 31, 2016

Be a Solution…Not a Problem!

Rhonda HiltbrandSuccess isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. ~Arnold H. Glasow

It was time for my checkup and I called to make an appointment.  A year ago my doctor had to join a group as so many have done.  She says she is an employee like everyone else and all in the office work for this group.  It has not been an easy transition for her and her patients aren’t too happy about it either.  Last time I was there it was a new policy that the nurse no longer drew blood…the lab techs did.  Five unsuccessful sticks later the lab techs called the nurse and she got my blood first try.  They ask how she did it.  She said, “I know my patient!”

I called for my appointment and said I needed as close to opening time (for them 9:00) as possible.  The person “helping me” said she had a 10:00 on such and such a day.  I said I really needed something closer to 9:00.  She then said she had something on a later day at 10:30. I took a deep breath…realized “you can’t fix stupid” and took that appointment.  I will be sharing this experience when I get the “survey” from the health group!  I do wonder what it takes to qualify for that job…obviously not a great deal of intelligence.

On our Facebook page I often post about what we as business owners or “leaders” can do to make our employees better…to encourage them.  Today I am going to say that I believe that sincerely, but an employee has to meet you halfway.  If you feel you “just have a job” and “are just working for a paycheck” then you are not going to be a solution or a help to anyone.

An employee may not own the company, but they sure can own their job!  It is up to every employee to do the very best they can.  They need to be constantly improving themselves and the company they work for.  No one should feel they earn a paycheck just by showing up.  A paycheck is earned by dedication, diligence and improvement.

If you go to work every day with a ho hum attitude, do yourself, your boss, your fellow employees and your customers a favor and start looking for another job.  If you go to work every day with energy and eagerness to make a difference, then that is good for all concerned!  It is really your choice! Make the right one!

Rhonda Hiltbrand
News Works Marketing


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