Posted by: News Works Marketing | September 13, 2016

Be Completely Honest

Rhonda HiltbrandA half truth is a whole lie. ~ Yiddish Proverb

Recently my son’s Jeep Wrangler had a “death wobble” and he was so excited that he found a shop on a Jeep forum that was getting rave reviews for fixing this problem.  When he told me what shop I said I was so surprised.  I had taken my Jeep there years ago and was less than pleased.  I also said at the time that they didn’t deal in tires at all…not even rotating them.

The guy ended up keeping the Jeep for over a week and I was getting concerned that he was a “parts replacer” and finally he told my son that he would only charge for the parts he replaced and not the labor if the problem wasn’t fixed.  Hmmmm…

My son called on a Friday morning to check the status, anxious to get his vehicle back after one full week…and the guy said it wasn’t ready yet.  The following Monday my son called again and the guy said, “Oh…sorry…did I forget to call you Friday and tell you your Jeep was ready to pick up?”  Argh…

My son then got his Jeep and called me right away…it was acting very strangely.  I said, “Call the guy and tell him.” Turns out the guy doesn’t do alignments…therefore…the Jeep was not really completely fixed.  Seems at some point this shop owner should have shared that very important piece of information.  I was completely disgusted.  We ended up going elsewhere for the alignment but if the guy had told the “whole truth” I’m sure my son wouldn’t have gone there at all!

I also told him not to believe every review online…sometimes the shop owner and his family and friends can build him up.  My son then visited the guy’s website and looked more closely and said it went on and on about how great they are…then it said, “fill in shop name here” in several spots.  WOW!

Moral of this story:

  • Always tell the whole truth!
  • Always listen to your mother! LOL!

Hoping you have a great September!

Rhonda Hiltbrand
News Works Marketing


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