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Have you ever had the feeling that those in the automotive industry today just don’t understand?

Have you ever felt that you were just a number or just another aggravation for that person? 

Sometimes you just get the feeling that maybe, just maybe you are:

  • Being talked down to because you are a woman
  • Being talked down to because you are too young
  • Being talked down to because you are too old
  • Being ignored
  • Getting ripped off
  • Being looked at as $$ signs instead of being seen as an individual
  • Being given the old “bait and switch” routine
  • A pawn in the game of dealership salesperson wanting to fatten his own commission sale instead of giving you what you want

Rhonda Hiltbrand understands your pain. For more than a decade she has been trying to get that message to the businesses that we consumers deal with day after day. She understands the bewilderment of trying to buy a car from a pushy sales person or trying to purchase an item from an indifferent counter person. She knows how it feels to put your trust in an auto repair shop and realize that they can and do let you down. She knows how it feels to get “strong armed” buy a salesman when you go to purchase a car at the dealership because they need to meet their monthly quota. She can share many stories with you about these personal encounters that she has had personally and those of others who have shared with her. Many of these businesses are starting to listen. She has been invited to give seminars and workshops to these businesses letting them know if they want our business, they need to shape up! We asked her how this became her passion.

Here is her story.

“Several years ago I had an issue with my car. It turned out it was an overheating issue and I took my car to a business conveniently located across the street where the overheating began. It was chain of repair shops that has long since gone out of business. I was able to drive the car in and they “fixed it” to the tune of $1000. I paid my bill and didn’t even get 2 miles away until steam was coming from under the hood again. I called the repair shop and the service writer/manager came and picked me up and the car was towed in. The tow truck driver took me aside and informed me quietly that the car overheated again because the cap had not been put back on. I expected the shop to fix my car this time and not to charge me again. I was wrong. They fully expected me to pay them another $1000 plus a tow charge! No wonder they went out of business shortly after that! I had the car towed to an independent repair shop, paid them $900 and the job was done right! Needless to say my trust in the industry was severely tested.

Since 1997 I have been privileged to help keep consumers informed on what it takes to be educated about the care of your vehicle. In order to stop repair shops and dealerships from taking advantage of us, we have to be knowledgeable in this area. Am I saying that the automotive industry as a whole is out to take advantage of us? No, of course not. I am saying that we as consumers need to be proactive about our car’s care. It is easy to feel they are trying to rip us off when in fact they are trying to keep us safe. My goal is to help consumers everywhere know the difference.

When it comes to selling and buying vehicles being in the Information Age is wonderful. We can now do extensive research on the web before we ever step inside a dealership. Having prior knowledge helps consumers know what they want, how much they can afford to pay, and if they are truly getting their money’s worth. Let’s face it, today’s vehicles aren’t cheap. When we commit a big chunk of our monthly budget to get from point A to point B we want to get the most for our hard earned cash.

Whether you are looking for a good used car or a brand new one, you need to know the facts. Take advantage of the web, read a few articles, then make a wise purchase decision. I don’t want consumers to have buyer remorse when reality sets in and they discover they have been bedazzled by a shiny car and a fast-talking salesperson into buying a vehicle that really isn’t for them.

If you are buying a car from a private seller, there are certain steps you need to take to make sure you are purchasing a reliable vehicle and not just someone else’s lemon. There are articles to help you make an informed decision before you buy.

Whatever your concern is, from buying, selling or maintaining a vehicle, I’m here to help.”

Rhonda has covered all the issues with these shops and dealerships from understanding their customers’ needs and wants regardless of gender or age to cleaning up their waiting areas. She has also written numerous articles for national publications on the subject. She gives seminars and workshops to help the industry know what consumers need, want and expect. For the past 14 years, she has become a best selling author writing novels under a pen name and she admits that helping consumers avoid being taking advantage of has inspired her work.

If you have a question or an issue that needs to addressed, please don’t hesitate to contact her. She is anxious to help.


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